Competency 6

Participate Actively in the Profession

Artifact 6.1 – EDCI 660B – Career Pathways Group Presentation

Artifact 6.2 – Professional Resume

Overview of the Artifact
Artifact 6.1 – EDCI 660B – Career Pathways Group Presentation – Within this group project, we looked at professional e-learning organizations and used it as a guide to start a conversation about working within the field of e-learning. Specifically, we examined job postings for e-learning positions, professional e-learning organizations, and resources and tools used by those in the e-learning field.

Artifact 6.2 – Professional Resume – This is my own personal resume detailing my work history, my educational history, my skills and talents, and my professional associations.

Identifies and participates in communities of practice within the field of Learning Design and Technology
I believe artifact 6.1 does a fabulous job of showing my current ability to identify communities of practice within the field of LDT. I completed this project as part of a group who worked together to identify current job postings for e-learning professionals, research professional organizations dedicated to the field of e-learning (e-Learning Heros and SweetRush), and identify current resources and tools that are commonly used by e-learning professionals in their daily lives (Articulate Storyline, Moodle, Blackboard). The field of LDT is constantly active around us and is comprised of many different facets. I think this artifact does an excellent job of showing how we were able to find information and identify one aspect within the many facets of the field of LDT.

I attached artifact 6.2, my personal resume because I believe it does a good job of showing my current level of participation in the field of LDT. Currently, I am working as a trainer and instructional designer for the State of Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services. While in this position I have had the opportunity to do some really awesome things like: create a complete e-learning presence from the ground up, develop numerous e-learning courses, put together and host 3 statewide conferences for 1,000+ employees, and develop new evaluation systems for our online training. In addition to my work I also actively participate in the Utah State Government e-Learning Committee and have been a member of this committee for 2+ years. In this committee, we actively share ideas, put on workshops for new techniques and practices we are using, and seek help and guidance on projects we are working on. Within this committee, I have been an active participant by putting on workshops on how to use Adobe Captivate and other e-learning software, by showing off projects I am working on to gain insight from fellow committee members, and by assisting other committee members with their projects.

How this Competency Will Assist Me Professionally
To me, it is important to stay active in the field of Learning Design and Technology. This is a field that is ever-changing, growing, and updating to advance the knowledge of the professionals that work within the field. As a professional, I know and recognize my own responsibility for staying active and participating in the field. If I hope to continue growing my own knowledge and expertise within it, staying active and participating is essential. I currently participate by attending the Utah State Government e-Learning Committee, but I know it is important to seek new opportunities to get involved. I have to continue to find new ways to participate in the field, such as: going to conferences, presenting on projects I am currently working on or have worked on, and staying connected to what is going on in the field. The concept of inertia can be applied to anything; the world is quickly changing in front of our eyes, the only way to stay caught up is by moving with it.